Flash Drives Save the Day for Wii U Gamers

Nintendo-Wii-U-USB-flash-drive_BIGAmong the seemingly infinite uses of a USB drive, here is one that all of those gamers out there can appreciate. Game consoles with limited storage capacity can now be saved through the use of USB drives. In particular, Nintendo’s new addition, the Wii U is one of the more limited gaming systems with only 32 GB for the premium version. Recognized by the developers, the limitations have been addressed by allowing USB drives and external hard drives to be recognized by the system. The most common methods of data storage are USB flash drives. This method is encouraged by the makers, considering the Wii U eShop aims to be the largest digital store for Nintendo. Therefore, if gamers are serious about their hobby and building a worthy game collection, it is imperative that they seek external data storage devices. However, the use of the device for this purpose comes with a caveat; when used with a Nintendo system, the USB drive needs to be formatted to work on the console. Once formatted, the drive is unable to be used on your computer. In the meantime, gamers are awaiting development that will eliminate this problem and allow direct playback of games found on a flash drive.


Source: PremiumUSB