Flash Drives Enhance Education


It has recently become more common than not that students of all grade levels use electronic devices for their scholarly responsibilities. Whether for writing a paper, taking an online quiz or even studying material, odds are they are doing this on a computer and need to back up their work. Nothing is more frustrating than finding that the midterm paper you worked on all night can no longer be found in you computer’s documents- time to start over. The more common it becomes to perform schoolwork this way, the higher the demand is for devices and software to securely back up your school data. The two most common solutions are backup external devices such as USB drives or online (cloud) backup services. Of these two, USB flash drives are the most commonly used in the classroom- they are easy to find and use and are extremely portable. Compared to online backup services, using a USB drive is also a much more affordable option making it appealing to large families and struggling college students. Another benefit to using flash drives is that they are extremely customizable. Whether a student wants a specific design, color, or even their school logo, USB drives can be made unique to their owner. USB drives also benefit the teacher and education in general. By saving pertinent information in a compact fashion, instructors can load teaching materials, grades, and student information onto one small device.

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