Digital Storage Trends 2013

USBDigital storage trends for the coming year will uphold long time estimations that Licensed Brand USB Flash Drives are going to be big. More breakthroughs are expected from the increasingly popular NAND Flash. Due to high storage capacities and hybrid technology, spinning disk technology will continue to keep up. Fans of all teams, series, and products of the like will uphold the big and growing trend in custom shape and licensed brand USB drives. With so many storage options available, the next big trend will be flash drives that help users express their individual identity. NAND Flash memory gained popularity as an acceleration layer by many businesses and will continue to do so. However, engineers have had to develop a way to increase flash memory life. Companies will be working on this development for 2013- this means the flash will get more use and that today’s solid-state disks are set to get more durable in the future. Although they seem to be a thing of the past and continue to be upstaged by flash drive technology, hard disk drives are still a mainstay in the market. As a matter of fact, they are displaying some improved features. By 2013, high storage capacity hard disks will continue to be produced and improved to provide the best of flash speed performance combined with the storage capabilities of a hard disk.