Dealership Marketing: Test Drive the FobPad

key fob gift and key fob packaging for dealership marketing

New ideas for car dealership marketing are plentiful, but only a few can make a lasting impression. Luckily, Sunrise can help you get to that point: meet the FobPad.

The FobPad is an offshoot of our FlashPad. Retaining all the best features, and optimized to hold the key fob for a new car, it offers many opportunities for dealership marketing. Developed specifically for the automotive market, these customized packaging options can hold the key fob, a card, and have plenty of space for more personalized content.


Car Dealership Marketing with the FobPad

So what does the FobPad offer car dealer marketing? Let's take a look at the car fob packaging project we recently completed for Lincoln of Memphis.

As we mentioned, the FobPad is based on our FlashPad, which was originally designed to hold USB drives. In this vein, Lincoln of Memphis added a USB slot to their personalized FobPad to hold paperwork. In addition to the cavity for the key fob, there's also a spot for a business card. Or a gift card, a gas card, or any other bit of collateral that a car dealership might want to include to excite their customers.

In the video, you can see how Lincoln of Memphis opted to personalize the outside of their FobPad with the iconic Lincoln logo. Other dealerships have opted for different options, but the goal is always the same.

Contact Sunrise for a Test Drive

FobPads are keepsakes. Most dealerships hand over spare keys and key fobs with no pomp or excitement. It's simply a perfunctory motion. However, the FobPad turns it into a gift, and something a recipient will hold on to and remember. It develops brand loyalty. Contact Sunrise today for more information!