Custom USB Drives Wishlist

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Like the song says, it takes different strokes to move the world. Especially when it comes to things of a personal nature, like custom USB drives.

Oh, it might not seem like a personal thing. But our data is an intensely personal thing--or so it's becoming in this day. We live in a time where the answer to any question is at our fingertips, and the ability to record or photograph anything and everything is literally in our back pocket.  Search histories, pictures, videos, conversations, our smartphones, laptops and other devices contain a lot. Enough for a curious person to possibly construct a life. Framed in that sense...yes. Data and data storage becomes more personal. 

To lighten things up, though, let's get back to custom USB drives. Kingston recently announced that their DataTraveler Ultimate GT is available in one or two terabyte sizes. It's a massive amount of storage. The most in the world.  It's designed to back up production files in large sizes...or you know, if you're traveling through Siberia, it can withstand temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius. It's a hardy, hefty piece of storage with a price tag to match (over $1000). Which begs the question: if you had a $1000 to spend on custom USB drives, what features would be on your wishlist?

Features of Custom USB Drives


As we mentioned above, storage is probably the top thing people look for in a flashdrive. Too small and it's not really functional, tos much and the cost rises with it. It really comes down to what you plan on doing with it: if you're looking for a more efficient, space-saving option to back up your computer, more storage is better. If you just need something on hand to share a few photos? It moves down the priority list.

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Some people might forego storage capacity for a fun shape.Or a color they prefer. Custom USB drives don't have to be ugly to be functional (although that seems to be the rule more often than the exception). And for some consumers, it's more important that their flashdrives appeal aesthetically over holding their entire iTunes library. Or it might come down to ease of transportation. A credit card USB drive, for example, is much easier to slip into a wallet or purse pre-formed pocket than dropping a loose conventional drive in.


No, we don't mean custom USB drives with AI capabilities (although that must be coming soon, right?).  Smart flash drives have dual interfaces: one classic USB port, and a micro USB on the opposite end. Basically, these kinds of drives can be used for your mobile device as well a as a computer. They're available in a swivel and a slim design, and come in a variety of colors and levels of customization. 

Custom USB Drive Wishlist Items

So what tops the list for your dream USB drives? Is it enough storage to backup any machine? Or a design that complements your personality or organizational branding? Maybe you just want the convenience of sharing photos from your phone onto a micro USB. The options abound, and leave it open to your imagination what the future holds for these devices.