Custom Power Banks for the Holidays

custom power banks

My very first cell phone was a Nokia. As much as I loved my phone as a whole, I loved it even more once I got a cherry-red cover for it off of eBay.  Like anything, as tools become more ubiquitous, the desire to customize them grows. Anyone could have a cell phone, but a red one like mine? Not quite. It imbues personality in an otherwise lifeless object. Consumers build a rapport through these kinds of micro interactions with objects. It’s no surprise, then, that custom power banks are one of the hot holiday stocking stuffers emerging this year.

To draw another correlation, we can look at the incredible growth in smartphones across the world as one of the reasons. There were nearly a billion-and-a-half smartphones shipped in 2016 (according to the IDC) and it’s a market that shows no signs of slowing. All these phones need power. Especially when they double (triple?) as cameras, video recorders, music players, and more. Additionally, the increase in Bluetooth accessories for these devices (like wireless headphones or handsfree calling devices) expands the market for custom power banks.

Options for Custom Power Banks

So what kinds of customization is available to consumers?

  • Product type
    There are essentially three types of custom power banks: Solar, battery case, or portable. Solar power banks are for the eco-concious but still want to make sure they have enough battery life for  selfie on Galapagos. Assuming there isn’t any rain in the forecast. Battery cases are the most convenient, enveloping mobile devices, but the increase in weight and girth takes away the advances made by companies who have focused on slimmer, lighter devices. Portable batteries are the most versatile as well as the most popular. They tend to be lighter and more efficient than other types.
  • Design
    What can you imagine? From custom power banks shaped like 2Pac’s head to a poo emoji (both by Wattz Up Power), the message you can share via your chosen power bank is…varied, to say the least.
  • Power rating
    How much power can a custom power bank hold? The answer is increasingly daily, it seems. Depending on what you might want to charge, there seems to be an emerging sub-market for really, really big power banks. Get ready for a trade-off in weight, physical size or number of ports, though.

Market Outlook

Ken Research states that the demand is set to increase continually for the foreseeable future. Minnesota-based Sunrise Packaging is excited to work with customers to discover the perfect custom power banks for your organization. Surprise customers or employees with the gift that literally keeps on giving…as long as it’s charged. Not to mention the multitude of packaging options!