Custom Power Banks & 2017 Market Trends

Solar custom Power Banks

If you have a smartphone, chances are you've encountered the dreaded Dead Zone (unless you have a stockpile of custom power banks, that is). It comes after the repeat warnings that your battery life is dwindling. Your device switches into low battery mode--shutting off extra services, dimming the screen, things, etc--but then it just powers down with no fanfare. And it's especially problematic when: 

- You're relying on the GPS in the middle of driving somewhere

- You're in the middle of a workout and have to finish in silence

- Basically, anytime you're in the middle of anything using your phone and charging is not convenient

Custom power banks solve this most annoying, most 21st century problem of problems. So, it's no wonder that the Power Bank Market Report for the next decade forecasts major growth. 

Custom Power Banks Market Watch

According to the market report, custom power banks and power bank technologies will reach revenues over $15 billion in 2017. While my example above focused on smartphones, the use for power banks transcends those particular devices. Laptops, tablets, anything that powers up through a USB port--and even that arena is growing to things like flashlights, single cup coffee machines, etc. The report includes information on: 

custom power banks

- The leading power bank companies, including their focus, strategies, and future outlook

- Opportunities in the custom power bank market

- Types of power banks, and the outlook for each 

- Market opportunities as a whole. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a major emerging market for power banks lies in solar chargers, particularly for campers or general outdoors activities. Minnesota's Sunrise Packaging is one local organization who can procure solar chargers for users, as well as develop packaging for these custom solar banks. 

Packaging Custom Power Banks

Regardless on your organization or business, the marketing potential for custom power banks is unlimited. It's a functional, useful kind of item that potential and current clients will want to keep and use (and the potential for repeat use is, in turn, unlimited as well). Opting to include power bank packaging is a great way to take customization to the next level. It allows you to incorporate your brand and marketing strategies without compromising the device itself. It also allows for more surface area for text, social channels, and contact information.

And speaking of contact information, reach out to Sunrise Packaging for more information on how custom power banks can meet your business needs!