Custom Flashdrive Packaging & Education

custom foam flashdrive packaging

More and more organizations are looking to do more with less, and sometimes this includes employee education, training and professional development. As Human Resources, or HR, takes more responsibility for providing employees with opportunities to develop and hone skills, disseminating information can become a problem. Well, disseminating accurate, consistent information can become an issue. Sharing information verbally leads to issues in consistency; printing binders full of training materials practically guarantees that it's going to be incorrect and outdated before it's used up (laws of the universe, right?). The best option--or the one that we're proposing--is loading materials on to flashdrives, and enhancing it with custom flashdrive packaging. 

Custom flashdrives and custom flashdrive packaging allow your organization to show elements of forward thinking to current and incoming employees. Flashdrives are more eco-friendly than printed materials, and different options exist to ensure that USB drive packaging is as well. Delivering training in this on-demand manner also shows that the company is technology-driven, as well as focused on efficiency. It allows the person designing the training or education the ability to update when necessary (and without White Out). 

custom flashdrive packaging

Employee Training Ideas

When it comes to training for employees, the opportunities are limitless. If your organization doesn't have the budget to send employees away to conferences and multi-day trainings, explore internal ideas. Whether it's a resource within the organization with some instructional design experience or a series purchased and self-labeled, consider how to share the information. People learn in different ways. If it's not feasible to hold multiple sessions for in-person trainings, invest in creating modules, loaded on to personal USB drives. These modules should include elements to appeal to multiple learning styles as well as some kind of evaluation to test learning and retention of information.

Custom Flashdrive Packaging Options

Creating interactive training materials isn't exactly our forte. But talking about the options for custom flashdrive packaging, luckily, is one of our specialties at Sunrise Packaging (located in Minnesota). 

Designing your own packaging allows businesses another level of personalization when it comes to sharing information with employees. Planning on using these for employee orientation or on-boarding? It's a chance to reinforce branding and messaging. It can also be used to differentiate materials via color, text, etc. The FlashPad is a great option that integrates all the best luxury features of fine packaging in a small package. You won't sacrifice any quality for the price, either. For an even more compact package, the FlashPad Wallet has the same great design...just smaller.