Custom Flash Drives & Your Wedding

Custom flash drives are the perfect unique wedding favors

Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable for themselves. It's supposed to be the best day of your life, right? And that's true for the most part. Most brides and grooms spend a lot of money to make sure that they look amazing, and spend time selecting the right photographer to make sure the memories captured in photos are beautiful. But the day usually includes family and friends. The day should be special for everyone involved. One way to share the memories and the excitement of the day is to create custom flash drives sharing favorite photos and more. 

Unique Wedding Favors = Custom Flash Drives

To be honest, the wedding favor isn't a required part of the wedding planning experience. Many couples choose to spend the money on creating an experience for guests--a recent wedding I went to had a coffee bar, which definitely ensured that everyone was dancing long into the night--but it's great to give guests a kind of thank-you for their love and support, in the past and into the future of your marriage. 

Custom flash drives for weddings

There are a few ways to go about bringing this idea to life: 

  • Prepare it ahead of time to share at the wedding
    Many couples create a slideshow that runs throughout the reception or over dinner. Let that hard work count for double by loading it onto the custom flash drives for guests.  Bonus points: create a playlist of you and your spouse's favorites tunes. 
  • Send it as a thank-you following the wedding
    Advantages to this strategy? You can use your professional wedding photos, wedding video, photo booth favorites (if you had one), and any others taken by guests and posted on social media (don't forget to come up with a unique #weddinghashtag).  Also, as many a married couple can tell you, dealing with leftover wedding favors isn't super fun. This way, you can order just the amount you need to send. 

The possibilities presented by custom flash drives are limitless. There's bound to be a style that matches your wedding colors and theme, and if you're looking for a little extra packaging, check out our FlashPad and FlashPad Wallet options.  

Oh, and congratulations!