Custom Flash Drive Cases FTW

custom flash drive cases

Flash drives as a giveaway are nothing new. Along with pens, brochures and magnets, they’re a pretty standard sight at trade shows and conventions. As standard a sight as they’ve become, though, their handiness has not been diminished. Even in this age of the cloud, being able to hand off a USB drive with presentation, research, or even photos is easier in some cases than uploading to a location and downloading again. But the real question–for marketers, especially–is how to make these custom flashdrives stand out from the rest? Our answer: custom flash drive cases. 

Perceived value has a lot of different applications in the business world. Basically, it comes down to the fact that we live in a world where people–clients, customers, and organizations–determine their own interpretation of the worth of a given thing. Products, services, and so on. When you’re working to help potential customers understand the offerings of your organization, they need to perceive the value as greater than the price tag. 

Custom Flash Drive Cases Increase Perceived Value

Dave Schneider poses two scenarios when it comes to how perceived value influences decisions: 

  • If the perceived value is higher than the price tag, then people will usually choose to buy/contract the goods (i.e. products, services, etc).
  • If the perceived value is lower than the price tag, chances are that most people will walk away. Unless there’s a pretty compelling reason not to. 

Most companies want to fall in the former category. Factoring in the importance of first impressions, it seems pretty clear that your sales team should be armed with the most influential types of promotional swag from the get-go. They need to present your company as not just worth the price, but exceeding it. 

Custom flash drive cases are a facet of presentation packaging.Yes, you could send out your sales team with a fishbowl of loose USB sticks, but let’s be honest. They’re small, with limited room for branding, and more than a little forgettable. Custom Flash Drive Cases

Compare that with the value offered with custom USB packaging. The options at Sunrise Packaging include the FlashPad, slightly more economical FlashPad Wallet, or completely personalized custom box solution. Each of these types of custom flash drive case offer state-of-the-art tooling and design. You can take advantage of customization like textured wraps, silk screening, turned edges, all the trappings of luxury packaging. Not to mention the increase in space for branding, marketing copy, and anything else that could move someone through the prospect funnel. 

How Does Your Perceived Value Stack Up?

The biggest test when it comes to perceived value is to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer. Company A hands you a USB drive, customized with their logo but is too small to read. Company B hands you a custom flash drive case, their branding emblazoned on the front with a compelling copy reminding you of their business propositions throughout. 

Which organization has made a better impression?

Personalized USB packaging could just be the deciding factor for any client.