Creative Design Takes Creative Thinking

creative design

Creative design takes more work than it might seem. 

On our site, you get to see the final results. The pretty complete packaging, revised content, perfected colors and printings. However, behind the scenes, it takes a lot of time, revisions, and sometimes frustrations to get to that point. And the best designs are usually a collaboration with the input of many, not just one. 

Brainstorming is one way to get the creative juices running. We get together some of our foremost packaging experts, and start with a simple premise. It might be a problem we need to solve, and then we come up with different solutions. Maybe it's a type of packaging that we want to level up, and we think of different customizations and add ons for it. Whatever the focus might be, brainstorming has led to some of our biggest packaging innovations.

A Window into Creative Design

The FlashPad is a great example of the kind of innovation that can come out of creative design and thinking. For a long time, Sunrise Packaging had worked USB drives. Crafting unique packaging, sourcing the perfect drive design, things like that. But we hadn't quite landed on an ideal reusable format. 

The criteria were pretty simple. Flash drive packaging needs to be lightweight with a custom cavity to hold the drive securely in place. We wanted a space for custom content, and the ability to add finishing touches like embossing and different printing styles. Someone came up with the idea of imitating a brochure, or a book, as you would to literally "learn more."  We soon realized that this particular style could be used for a lot more than just USB drives, like car dealership keys, gift cards, digital media, online learning resources, and more. The rest is Sunrise history.

Creative thinking doesn't have to take the form of brainstorming, of course, but we do think that having input from others is necessary to create the best possible product. We're too conditioned to like our ideas, and it's easy to have blind spots and not see the potential faults. Working as a team--as you would when you approach us with a project--always unleashes the creative power necessary to create something really special.