Create Your Own USB Toolkit

USB Toolkit for emergencies

An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s a common saying that might sound a little foreign to modern ears, but basically it means that taking a little precaution to avoid a crisis now is better than doing nothing and having to clean up the entire mess after the fact. Or, creating a USB toolkit now can save you a lot of headaches–and lost data–later on. 

Between viruses, malware, corrupted data, or the ever-favorite accidental deletion, our files and computer-stored information isn’t as safe and secure as iCloud or Dropbox or other cloud services want you to believe. We all know the best solution is to back up regularly, but even that isn’t 100% foolproof. We’re all subject to falling out of a routine…and usually at the worst time. Or what if the routine back up experiences a glitch? Or someone you know needs help with their computer?

Custom USB Toolkit To The Rescue 

Tech Radar provides some great information on what a USB toolkit is. Basically, any time you install a file on your computer, it’s saving files to your  machine as well as modifying other parts of your computer. Portable apps, the ones you can save to your personal flashdrives and run, don’t do this. This means they can rescue any files deleted accidentally and repairing damage done by viruses and malware. Not to mention it’s way easier to pocket your USB toolkit and take to a friend’s house with a new computer than to walk them through everything step by step. 

Creating a USB Toolkitcustom usb toolkit

1. Prepare the customized flash drive

Grab at least a 1GB USB drive, and rename it ‘Emergency’ to make it clear which one is the back up. Make sure to wipe it clean first by reformatting (removing anything valuable first, of course). 

2. Guard against data loss

Accidentally deleting an important file is a common way in which programs stop working. Guard against this by installing a program which can restore those important files without overwriting others. Tech Radar recommends using Recuva Portable for this.

3. Remove viruses

Think your PC might have a virus? Download a virus detection software, like McAfee, to run off the USB toolkit to run remotely, capturing anything nefarious on your machine. 

4. Remove whatever you don’t need

When your PC isn’t performing up to snuff, it might need to clear out those pesky temporary files. CC Portable Cleaner is another program that can run off your emergency custom flashdrive that will remove temporary files. Including the ones you aren’t even aware of, like tracking cookies in your web browser. 

5. Eliminate malware

Deliver the death blow to malware with a final app that will check your computer for files that aren’t necessarily malware, but are still malicious. 

Custom USB Drives Can Save Your Computer

It’s not every day that a USB drive can save your files, but this is one that could save you quite a few headaches. Create your own emergency USB toolkit to stay on top of things that aren’t working in your best interest.