Covid-Era Online Learning Materials

Coronavirus online learning materials

 No matter what your personal beliefs might be, coronavirus has changed life for everyone. For some, they're finding the time to gain new skills, from bread making to wood crafting. But if you're a parent, juggling work, schooling for kids and the unavoidable stress of it all, there's been much less time for self-exploration. And with schools looking unlikely to hold in person classes in the fall, you might be starting to wonder what kinds of online learning materials will be available. 

Like so many things today, it depends. 

It depends on the readiness of your schools, the ability of teachers to adapt curriculum, and a slew of other factors. While there has not yet been a blanket announcement about what fall semester will look like, it would be prudent for most educators to start planning for distance learning. Online learning materials vary from age to age and subject to subject, but personalized USB drives could be the ticket to efficiently host and share coursework that can't be uploaded to the cloud.

Distance Online Learning Materials

Using a USB stick to support online courses can work in many ways. At Sunrise, we've created USB drives that can: 

  • Host proprietary content that couldn't be uploaded to the cloud
  • Become keepsakes for recipients
  • Allow for higher-quality transfer of audio, image and other files
  • Don't require constant Internet access to download

The final point is a big one, in our minds. Many homes may not have consistent Internet access. It might be because of bandwidth usage, connectivity problems, or income limitations. Sharing lessons on USB drives that can be sanitized and reused negates the need to constant Wifi or data streaming. Covid-19 is revealing disparities in home life like never before, and sharing lessons on a device like a customized flashdrive is one way to lessen that effect.

Design Your School's Custom Flash Drive

Custom flash drives can come in different forms, colors, and have interesting features as well. Sunrise can also create unique cases for your USB sticks, like our FlashPad. The FlashPad holds the flashdrive securely in place, and can include a cavity for other materials as well. It also has space for extra content on the front. Maybe an encouraging message to students, or space for a sticker. 

Whatever your needs might be in the coronavirus era, Sunrise Packaging can help out. Ensure equality for all your student body by sharing their class materials on a creative USB drive! Talk to our team about the options today