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Spoiler alert: I will be kicking off this new Cool USB Drives spotlight with probably the coolest custom flash drive of all time. Isn’t that a terrible idea to show the best one first? Maybe. But I love Transformers and that trumps everything.


Cool USB Drives #1 – Transformers’ RAVAGE


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Source: Big Bad Toy Store


I stumbled across this bad boy on Engadget, and for good reason. Transformers have been around since the early 80s. There’s a reason they have the staying power that most retailers can only dream of: They. Are. Awesome. I mean even if you throw out the storyline, the characters, and all the cartoons and movies, you still have a toyline that is two toys in one. It’s a designer’s dream. A true feat of engineering. And when it comes to cool USB drives, a unique design gimmick is eye catching, but it’s not always functional. As a sucker for cool USB drives, I’ve been burned quite a few times by getting a novelty flash drive that doesn’t even fit comfortably with my laptop. So when I saw this Transformers custom flash drive depicting the sleek Decepticon Ravage, I was excited for three reasons:


  1. It’s Transformers-related.
  2. It has an interesting point of tactile interaction.
  3. It folds up into a slim, trim standard-sized flash drive.


That first one might not be your cup of tea, but the latter points are absolutely criteria for the “Cool USB Drive” category. The fact that I know it will fit comfortably in my USB port increases the value by leaps and bounds. This design element also makes it a perfect fit for a customized FlashPad™.


Are you going to slap your logo on this guy and send it out to all your clients? Maybe not. I mean, I would, but to each their own, right? But it’s important to think outside the box, so to speak, when it comes to custom flash drives. They are certainly a popular marketing tool, as well as an effective one. Consider riding the wave of pop culture by picking a bizarre or unique flash drive to tie into your business.


That’s the whole point of this Cool USB Drives category. Get you thinking outside the box while finding something you can easily put in one.


What are YOU looking for when it comes to cool USB Drives?