Minnesota Based Innovative Packages

Design and function are the crossroads that meet at packaging. And innovative packages are just one effect of this meeting.  We might not always think of the packaging when we think of a product. But, after closer inspection, the truth is that packaging enriches just about every interaction we have with products. At least, it…

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Mailer Packaging Design

direct mailer packaging marketing

Marketing is an interesting business. Tactics and strategies abound. But at the end of the day, the return on investment (or ROI) numbers will tell us what’s considered a *good* marketing campaign. It doesn’t mean the flashiest, most modern marketing effort will be the most effective. Sometimes, depending on the industry, investing in old-fashioned mailer…

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Gift Card Boxes: Packaging For Every Occasion

gift card boxes

Gift cards are the perfect gifts for clients and customers. Gift card boxes shouldn’t be an afterthought.  Organizations thank customers in a variety of ways. Car dealerships might gift gas cards with purchases; a realtor might give new homeowners a gift card to a great restaurant in their new neighborhood. Casinos share personalized loyalty cards….

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Pre-Loaded Flashdrives Aid Multiple Learning Styles

Pre-loaded flashdrives and usb cases

Information overload is a real thing. Different people have different styles of learning, and it’s something that can gauged from a quick conversation, like that at a tradeshow booth. Some people can listen and retain information, others prefer to read. Some need a step further–a hands-on demonstration–to really make information stick. Short of asking someone,…

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A More Modern Calling Card

It’s feasible that some people have yet to hear of ‘Hamilton,’ a musical about America’s founding fathers and revolution which, in turn, is revolutionizing Broadway. Based on Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, it follows the life of the Caribbean immigrant from childhood through the Revolution and into the early 19th century, ending with his…

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Upping the Exposure of your Podcast

flash pad for promoting your podcast

Having trouble getting your podcast off the ground? USB packaging might be the answer. Here’s a few tips to get you started. Consider this a bit of a tutorial in upping your listenership, brought to you by presentation packaging.   Am I getting too far ahead? What is a podcast? Think of it as a…

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Use the GiftPad™ for Getting Out Your Own Webkey for Marketing

Webkeys are essentially a routing device as urls are programmed into the key so that it can instantly route users to your online destination. Combine your Webkey with our recently released custom Giftpad™ and you have an incredible branding blend! Webkeys (Credit Card Webkeys) are a great way of getting potential customers to remember your…

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Combination USB Packaging

The packaging solution shown here is a great way to combine different forms of media in one compact case. Similar setup to our Flashpad™, the die cut foam adhered to a turned edge flat with a scored spine. Cut into the foam is a cavity to hold both a USB flash drive and a disc….

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Card USB Drives

Credit card USB flash drives have grown tremendously in popularity for marketing campaigns and promotional giveaways. Sleek and customizable, a credit card drive offers significantly more space to print a logo or mission statement on the drive. Of course, swivel and standard drives are still popular, customizable and compact, but we have noticed a shift…

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