Phone Charger + KFC = Watt-A-Box

KFC watt a box phone charger power bank

If you love your phone and deep-fried chicken, live/are traveling in India and forgot your phone charger…well, have we got something for you. It’s the latest in a line of interesting tech/fast food intersections (like the Pizza Hut robots). The limited edition ‘Watt-A-Box‘ includes a built-in mobile phone charger (Minnesota-based Sunrise does not make these)…

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Solar Power Banks: New Wave Energy

Solar custom Power Banks

Solar power isn’t a new concept, but it’s becoming more and more common. This type of energy is being used everywhere, from powering cars to streetlamps to house appliances. The move to USB form–as solar power banks, to be specific–is just the next step. At the most basic level, solar energy is simply energy generated…

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5 Times You Wish You Had a Power Bank Handy

As a society, our reliance on technology borders on ridiculous. Particularly when it comes to smartphones. We use them to communicate with people–in many more ways than just dialing and chatting–and rely on them for basic functions. They are navigation devices, e-readers, newspapers, cameras, forms of payment, the list is endless.  When we’re cut off…

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The PowerPad Has Arrived

custom power banks

If you build it, we will package it. A few weeks back, we told you about the newest item in our custom lineup: the power bank. Well, they’re here and they’re spectacular. And now they have a packaging all their own. If you’re not sure what a power bank is, it’s a modular device–easy fit for…

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Power Banks are Coming

promotional power banks

Winter is coming as the old(?) adage says. While this may be a negative for some, a positive is also coming. Power Banks! If you guessed that a power bank is a financial institution for superheroes, unfortunately you would be mistaken–but what they actually are is still pretty cool. A power bank stores a charge…

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