Top USB Flashdrives in 2016

Top USB Flashdrives

There are a few things you can count on every December: crazy holiday shopping, and lots of 2016 retrospectives and listicles. We’re not exempt from this year-end type of content. We’re in the business of USB flashdrives, so naturally it makes sense to create a list of the best flash drives of 2016. USB FlashDrives…

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Safety First! Portable Power That Prevents Data Transfer

Power Banks are portable power sources

It’s a portable power worst-case scenario: you’re stranded somewhere with a dying mobile device, and the only option to power up is through plugging into a public USB port.Do you do it?If you said no, good job. If you said yes…well, there’s no time like the present to start being more cautious. Data theft is…

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Pocket Drives for Photo Storage

Pocket usb drives

Technology advances quickly, but maybe not as quickly as we want.  Particularly as it relates to mobile devices. I was looking helping my step-daughter figure out how to help her 6-month old smartphone run more efficiently, and quickly found out why the RAM was so taxed…99% of her phone memory was in use. Photos, videos,…

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Flashdrive Marketing 101

Flashdrive marketing

Over time, we’ve compiled a lot of resources on flashdrive marketing. Perusing the blog at USB Packaging is like unleashing a tsunami of knowledge. While it’s all great stuff, some tips stand out more than others. And like anybody, we have our favorites to highlight. Marketing with flashdrives or USB sticks is a great way…

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USB Fingerprint Readers Provide Max Security

USB fingerprint reader (image from Microsoft)

Security is always a hot topic. As we become more and more reliant on computers and more and more comfortable conducting different types of business through them–taxes, shopping, banking, and more–the security risks multiply. To protect unauthorized use or access, many sites and devices have more security options built in. Google, for example has a two-step…

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Flash Memory Innovation Moves Into 3D

Flash memory moves into 3D (image from Intel)

Physical limitations are unavoidable. When it comes to technology, like our smartphones or tablets, there is only so much memory to pack into an area of silicon. As devices start to trend lighter and thinner (we won’t say smaller since phablets are a thing), the space is decreasing while the demand increases. It’s a perfect…

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Thumb Drive Tips & Tricks

custom foam flashdrive packaging

A thumb drive (or USB stick, or flash drive, or any combination of the preceding) are impressive little things. Though small and unassuming, they have the kind of potential that spans the spectrum of good to evil. But in recent times, the flash drive is falling out of favor. It’s easier and more efficient to…

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A USB Sleeve for All Seasons

USB sleeve can group products

Obviously, it’s our business at Sunrise to make sure that you love every product we design and send your way. But, as time goes on, new business opportunities are guaranteed to come up. That’s when  USB sleeve might be the answer. Sleeve boxes are like casings that encompass a box or container. Think of a…

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Upcycle Flash Drives: Tips to Reuse USB Sticks

Upcycle flash drives, multicolored_Swivel_Drives

Flash drives used to be the gold standard for transferring files between devices. But as cloud storage becomes more efficient, the prominence of USB sticks has lessened a bit. However, there are plenty of uses and ways to upcycle flash drives. Think beyond information sharing to give your custom USB drives a little extra *oomph* in the…

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SanDisk Reveals USB-C Dual Drive

flashdrive portfolios

One the major purchases I made prior to studying abroad in 2006 was a brand new iBook. To transfer my music and files from my parent’s desktop, I bought the biggest flash drive Best Buy carried…and it wasn’t even one gigabyte. While the devices of a decade ago didn’t have a lot of space, they…

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