Eco Friendly Flashdrives: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

eco friendly flashdrives and promotional usb drives

Flashdrives are an easy way for conference participants to reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to leaving a paper trail. One of the most annoying things about walking through any vendor fair is the plethora of paper you’re carrying as you leave. As we’ve written about before, it’s not very likely that many folks…

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Pokemon GO Power On-The-Go

When hunting pokemongo, don't forget your power on-the-go bank!

You’ve slogged through parking lots, meadows, and yards. You’re sweaty and tired, but you’re oh-so-close to the most elusive. Pikachu. You’re finally face-to-face with the yellow critter, and you wind up to strike when….your screen goes blank. Hours of Pokemon Go hunting have drained your battery, and there’s no chance for power on-the-go. Unless, of…

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Upcycle Flash Drives: Tips to Reuse USB Sticks

Upcycle flash drives, multicolored_Swivel_Drives

Flash drives used to be the gold standard for transferring files between devices. But as cloud storage becomes more efficient, the prominence of USB sticks has lessened a bit. However, there are plenty of uses and ways to upcycle flash drives. Think beyond information sharing to give your custom USB drives a little extra *oomph* in the…

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Solar Power Banks: New Wave Energy

Solar custom Power Banks

Solar power isn’t a new concept, but it’s becoming more and more common. This type of energy is being used everywhere, from powering cars to streetlamps to house appliances. The move to USB form–as solar power banks, to be specific–is just the next step. At the most basic level, solar energy is simply energy generated…

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Onboard Students with a USB Flashpad

How does your institution communicate with prospects or students? If it doesn’t include a USB (we recommend USB flashpads), you might be missing out a big audience. The traditional giant packet of information full of information might not send the right message. We’re not denying the importance of the information. But paper isn’t sustainable, ink is expensive,…

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Wedding Photography & USB Packaging

As a wedding photographer, you have a lot of things to think about. If this is a freelance gig, you’re always *on* in a sense. Always looking for clients, working on current projects, keeping up marketing efforts, and more. You’re working to deliver the best possible customer service and experience to clients who are, in…

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Pack Significance for Marketing Campaigns

Custom USB flash drives pack so much significance for marketing and branding campaigns. The demand for custom flash drives has significantly increased in the past decade, and in the information age it is essential to deliver as much marketing and data as possible in a compressed format. By utilizing a custom USB drive with custom…

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Custom Flashpad™ USB Cases

Here is a look at some recent Flashpad™ USB cases we designed for a few of our clients. Two different companies with different needs whom both benefit from this adaptable marketing tool. The FlashPad™ is undoubtedly our most popular USB packaging product because It is easy to use and easy to customize. We recently have made…

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Electronic Device Set Package

We found this packaging solution for artisan electronics on Packaging of the World. The entire set includes various useful devices as well as USB flash drives, which is what intrigued us to share with you on our USB Packaging blog. This intricate set is highly detailed and every element fits like a glove. By using a…

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Plastic USB Packaging

The majority of USB packaging solutions we make are made with a turned edge exterior and a die-cut foam cavity. Whether it is a box or a Flashpad™, these packaging solutions always please our customers. However, thermoformed plastic cases and trays can save time, money, and even the environment (depending on your material choice). Here…

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