Take Care of your USB Flash Drive

USBWhile USB Flash Drives are easy to find and fairly inexpensive, it can be a pain to have one fail on you. Here are some helpful tips to follow to take care of your flash drives so they last as long as you need them:

-Flash drive removal: I’m sure all of us (myself included) are guilty of simply pulling out the flash drive from our computer when we have completed the task at hand. It is important to instruct your computer to eject the drive as well as physically removing it. This function is a guarantee that you will not damage the drive or los any data. By going to the system tray icon and selecting “Safely Remove Hardware”, it allows the proper channels to shut down communication between the two devices.

-Don’t drop it! There are so many methods of safeguarding your USB flash drives from falling- take advantage of them. Use a lanyard or a key ring to keep it off the ground, besides, you won’t lose it if its connected to you!

-Don’t weigh it down: While it is suggested that you connect your USB to something to keep it in a safe place you’ll remember, it is important to keep it lightweight. If you add too much, you will put too much pressure on the connector and the port when its plugged in. This damages your flash drives- fast.

– Keep the cap on: Make sure you replace the cap after you are done using the USB flash drive. Otherwise, dirt and debris will get trapped in the drive’s crevices and spread into your computer system… this will cause you problems!

– Protect it from radiation damage: Some manufacturers will tell you to treat the flash memory of your USB drives the same way you’d care for camera film. Therefore, store your custom flash drives in your carry on or mail them with a commercial carrier instead of USPS.

These are great tips to keep in mind to protect your USB Flash drives. However- to be safe always have back up data, you never know what can happen.