Business Cards Reimagined

Custom business card in credit card usb

Business cards are in serious need of redesign for the digital age. 

No matter the industry, these rectangular heavyweight pieces of paper have been ubiquitous for decades. While the design and material might change, the information is pretty standard: organization, name, contact information. The intent is to stay in people's minds on the chance that they might contact you later. Unfortunately, I'd be willing to bet that more business cards land in the recycling bin than filed away as part of a to-do list. Unless that to-do list has multiple uses

Disruption for Business Cards

Disruption is a term that's becoming more popular. It signifies a change in the marketplace. For example, mobile devices disrupted the web design industry. As consumers started using phones and tablets to access the internet, websites needed to be able to accommodate smaller screens, touch navigation, and change in other ways. Market disruptions tend to have major reverberations, like earthquakes or throwing a stone into a pond. The effects tend to take on lives of their own. 

When it comes to business, technology has caused major disruption. Business cards might be the last bastion untouched by the tech ripple, but it's sorely needed. Paper is light and easily misplaced, and generally seen as expendable. Not to mention that printing hundreds of cards with one person's contact information is hugely wasteful from an environmental perspective. 

Business cards as custom usb drives

Custom credit card USB drives make the ideal upgrade for business cards. On the outside, organizations can replicate their current business card design. They can also utilize high-quality printing options to further customize the flash drive, enhancing your brand and contact details with eye-catching graphics. They're also more efficient when it comes to communicating with prospects.

Cut Costs, Not Trees

Custom USB business cards not only reduce paper regarding the cards, but in other collateral as well. Consider everything in your sales kit. Now, how much of it can--or already is--digitized? You can store nearly endless data on the flash drive, and best of all? There's no chance that your contact information will become separated from it. You're not only cutting down on paper, but also clips, binder, anything used to try to hold all the information together in a packet. 

Switching to a custom USB credit card-style for business cards also allows you to load more interactive content, like: 

  • Live links to landing pages and websites
  • Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Product images and demonstrations
  • Testimonials from past customers

Studies show that people retain information differently based on their learning style, so providing several varieties helps increase the chance that they will remember your organization favorably. The waves of disruption move quickly, so get ahead of the curve by contacting a Sunrise representative today