Album Packaging, Reimagined

album packaging

Music tech is an ever-evolving field. From records to tapes to CDs to MP3s to streaming, the way in which we consume music (and audiobooks and podcasts and more) is always changing. Artists have responded in various ways, some adapting to the changes and others not so much. However, album art is still an important part of building a brand. Album packaging is a part of that.

While Sunrise Packaging focuses more on USB packaging nowadays, we're still well-equipped to help create album packaging. Whether your preferred media is CDs, DVDs or even flashdrives, Sunrise can help.

A Case Study in Versatility

In this example created for Esteban Bohr, you can see the versatility of our packaging solutions in action. 

Working from the inside out, it's clear that the heart of customized packaging lies in how it can be transformed per the product it's meant to hold. While our FlashPads were originally designed to hold USB drives, we quickly realized that there virtually unlimited uses for them. Including album packaging. We created a sealed thermoformed tray to fit inside this package. We added metal rings, allowing the customer to add up to ten sleeves for DVDs or CDs. 

Moving outwards. Our classic turned edge finishing with digitally-printed wraps add a crisp, refined touch to the overall package. Gloss lamination is just one option customers have to add more appeal to their packaging.

Album Packaging Through the Ages

The importance (and history) of album packaging is well-documented. While we can point to many iconic instances of album art, the craftsmanship behind the packaging is what interests us. We leave it to the musicians--or authors, filmmakers, artists, etc--to determine their goals around how they want their album to look. And we get to work on building it. 

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