Designing Versatile Holiday Packaging

holiday packaging

Depending on your outlook, the holiday might inspire a variety of reactions. For some, the seemingly never-ending parade of bows and bakers' twine, shiny paper and sleigh bells, can weigh heavily. And not in a good way. But holiday packaging doesn't have to be predictable and cloying. 

When we worked with Shelle Design on a project using a customized USB drive holding holiday tunes, we wanted to bring some modern sensibility to it. Using a unique flashdrive is innovative; matching it with a FlashPad wallet matches that line of thought.

A New Era of Holiday Packaging

The first use of a wrapped present dates back to ancient China (no really, it does). It's clearly a tradition that could use some updating. By using the popular FlashPad Wallet construction, the classic idea of wrapping a gift is instantly updated. 

Personalized flashdrive packaging is something we do a lot, but every project has unique aspects to it. For this one, it had to still resonate as a holiday gift. While we wanted to break the mold when it comes to traditional holiday packaging, there were still some traditions worth keeping.

So when it came to the design, retaining the classic green-and-red color combination was a must. Users would recognize the colors as relating to the holidays, but the unique packaging could draw them to the product in a different way. Using a typeface that appeals to users as well enhances the message--"creative energy that sings"--also captures users' imaginations. 

Additionally, the choice of the credit card-style USB drive gives users a new level of functionality. It's easy to transfer songs to a computer, as well as share the product with others. Not to mention that after the songs are saved, the user can use the drive for their own purposes as well. 

How to Make Holiday Packaging Interactive

Increasingly, users are looking for products that fit into their lives. Whether it's a smart device they can control from their phone or something easily personalized, it's an attractive feature. These kinds of projects--a USB drive in holiday packaging--are the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Not only will users add the tunes to their holiday playlist, but they can use the personalized flashdrives (branded, we might add) far into the future. 

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